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arborist dismantling tree holding log ropes Tree Removal San Jose

Tree Removal is not a service we like to promote as it removes the lungs of the earth, but it is a very necessary part of arboriculture and one that we execute safely and professionally. Tree Removal San Jose’s main goal is to provide services that keep your trees healthy, and your garden beautiful, but there are times when removal of unhealthy trees is the best alternative for the landscape and property owner.

We perform tree removals to eliminate diseased, dead and dying limbs and trees. Tree removals are also useful in providing light and space for the remaining plants so that they are better able to grow and thrive. In some situations, we remove trees to allow for new construction, home remodeling and additions to provide city clearances for these new structures.

Tree removal is the most hazardous activity of arboriculture as the whole soil around the tree gets affected. Quite often, our tree personnel must remove trees growing in confined spaces near house foundations, utility lines and other sensitive underground structures. Tree removal requires extensive consideration and expertise to successfully perform this arduous task.

At Tree Removal San Jose, our arborist experts are highly trained to work safely and effectively in all types of tree removals. Once the tree removal is complete, we thoroughly clean up all debris and aim to minimize the impact to the surrounding vegetation.


As part of the regular tree removal process, the stump will usually be left as close to the ground as possible. If you need us to remove the stump, we can certainly perform this task for you as an additional service.

Stump removal is quite challenging and requires special machinery to completely remove it. It’s often necessary if the stump presents a hazard in your landscape or is simply an eyesore. Stump grinding is the best and safest way to tackle this activity. This arduous work requires the use of special machinery and an expert team who is experienced in this type of work.

Just contact us today and we’ll provide the services you need to your full satisfaction.

Best Tree Removal Services in San Jose CA

Tree removal is a rigorous and highly technical exercise that calls for highly trained and qualified experts. You may sometimes need to remove a tree for various reasons, such as:

  • The health of other trees
  • Safety
  • Property liability
  • Aesthetics purposes

There are many methods in which you can accomplish these goals. People consider trying the following options, for instance, before turning to remove a tree from your yard:

  • Insect and disease treatment
  • Bracing
  • Cabling
Using Tree removal machine Tree removal san Jose

There are times when treating a diseased or damaged tree may never work. Trees may weaken to a point beyond treatment or repair, thus,becoming a liability. A diseased tree can even cause further damages to a family of healthy trees, property, and it can sometimes cause a personal injury because it no longer stands on its own. 

You’re aware of the trees you’ve used to decorate your home property. Maybe you planted those trees aiming to achieve aesthetic effects, only for you to end up losing your entire property. The issue with trees is that the weak ones are more susceptible to falling. Their limbs may also break as a result of significant and severe storms. You need to eliminate those risks by removing the diseased and damaged trees and, if possible, replace them with healthy ones. You are eliminating hazardous trees from around your home starts by hiring a qualified and professional tree removal contractor that has the skills as well as the equipment necessary for the identification of the potentially hazardous trees and tree limbs. The candidate company should also have an expert team with experience in removing trees from residential and commercial property. If you’re a tree-owner looking for a tree removal company in Mountain View, Tree Removal San Jose CA has a dedication to providing you with quality and professional tree removal service. The company experts will work to ensure that the problematic tree is no longer on your compound, leaving ample space for the growth of the healthy trees and that your property is safe from potential damages.

Professional, Local, Tree Services in San Jose CA

Eco-Friendly Experts You Can Rely on for Tree Removal Services

Tree removal helps you remove damaged or diseased trees from your yard to boost the health of the remaining ones in the garden. The company has a team of expert certified arborists who readily offer trees-removal for any client within the region.

tree surgeon hanging ropes crown using tree Cutting San Jose

Tree Cutting

The team of experts has skills and knowledge to examine your trees and pick out the sick ones and cut them to prevent further spread of the diseases and damages.

stump grinding Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Removal San Jose CA prides itself on offering high-quality stump removal services in Los Gatos and the surrounding areas. The team dedicates itself in cleaning up your

professional gardener pruning tree Pruning and Trimming Trees san jose

Pruning and Trimming Trees

By helping you trim your trees, the team enables you to support the health of your trees to retain their natural appearance. The company assesses your needs for tree

Planting Trees and Transplanting San Jose

Planting Trees and Transplanting

Don’t underestimate the need to plant more trees in your yard. A reputable trees-removal service will help you do the job correctly to meet

Professional Tree Services San Jose

Professional Tree Services

The company has professional tree surgeons with skills to offer expertise tree services such as lawn fertilization, tree pruning and trimming.

gardener tree surgeon pruning using elevated Tree Maintenance San Jose

Tree Maintenance

Tree Removal San Jose CA uses the latest tree maintenance techniques to ensure that your trees are presentable and healthy. The experts visit your home regularly to ensure

Emergency service remove a rotten tree that Emergency Tree Services San Jose

Emergency Tree Services

Natural disasters such as storms always result in severe tree destructions that leave the compound ugly and without shape. Tree Removal San Jose helps attend

close oak tree Quercus Robur Bavaria Topping Trees San Jose

Topping Trees

After planting your trees, the team helps you apply fertilizer at the base of the roots. This act maximizes the nutrient intake that helps the trees grow healthy and strong.

man seeding fertilizing residential backyard lawn Fertilization Lawn Care San Jose

Fertilization Lawn Care

Trees and shrubs growing in urban areas lose nutrients in several ways. The company’s arborists help you apply fertilizer to your lawn to ensure that its vegetation grows green and

Construction site worker wearing Land Clearing San Jose

Land Clearing

Tree Removal San Jose CA has the best tools for land clearing. The team knows how to cut the unwanted vegetation without harming the useful ones.

tree specialists inspecting lichen on the trunk Tree Inspections San Jose

Tree Inspections

The company’s team of experts will pay regular visits to your home to monitor the development of your trees. They know what to do to ensure that the trees grow as per

tree down across intersection st Louis Storm Damage Cleanup San Jose

Storm Damage Cleanup

When a storm occurs, it leaves your yard dirty with damaged branches and leaves. The team offers cleanup services for this mess.

About Tree Removal San Jose CA

storm damage fallen tree park after Tree removal san Jose

We are a family-owned tree removal company providing you various tree services to clients like yourself in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Some of our primary services include:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning

There are numerous arborist services we offer to clients like you who require excellent and professional tree services. At Tree Removal San Jose CA, we have been proudly serving clients in San Jose City for over 30 years. We provide you with services at competitive pricing that come with a personal touch for your unique needs. The San Jose Tree Removal experts arborists take pride in pleasing their customers, with quality customer service-tree removal being the company’s number 1 priority.Tree Removal San Jose CA is a reputable and top-rated tree removal company dedicated to offering effective trees-removal services at low pricing to clients in Milpitas. Our team has the right equipment for any work you may need. Our distinctive designs also enhance the general quality of the service we provide. The following are some of the equipment we own:

  • A crane and a chainsaw
  • A fleet of trucks
  • Tree removal and stump grinding tools
  • Tree handling supplies

Our arborists also trim overgrown bushes and tree limbs, besides offering stump grinding services. 


What Are the Benefits You Get from Tree Removal Services in San Jose?

Tree Removal Services Tree removal san Jose

Tree Removal San Jose CA is pleased to provide you with prompt and quality tree removal and tree trimming services in Palo Alto. Their professional services include emergency tree removal, with their team being available to cater for your service 24/7.

Tree Removal San Jose CA serves on the following professional values:

  • Quality tree removal services
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Affordable pricing

If you’re struggling to find the right qualities to look for, Tree Removal San Jose CA has certified arborists who readily come to examine your home, and they’ll not leave until they’ve entirely conducted a full risk assessment. Once they inspect your property, they perform the following tasks before quoting the cost of the project:

  • Completing a full-risk tree assessment
  • Consulting with you on how you wish to remove the tree in question
  • Agreeing on the most suitable course of action


The right course of action may include tree pruning and trimming to get rid of the potentially dangerous, sick, broken, or unsightly tree limbs or branches, tree bracing, or tree cabling to replace or restore an aging or damaged tree to renew its health. Experts at Tree Removal San Jose CA employ this proactive approach to help save your property from emergency storm damaged tree removal. This approach will, in turn, protect you from unwarranted stress that may require you to incur higher costs in the repair of your damaged home.

What is so Special About Tree Removal San Jose CA?

Tree Removal San Jose CA team possess the relevant skills and training in the provision of quality tree removal services to its clients in Redwood City and the surrounding areas in Santa Clara County.

Tree Removal San Jose CA uses state-of-the-art tools. The equipment has minimal impact on the other landscape where the trees stand. 

It’s good to hire a tree removal professional who knows how to safely remove trees from a property instead of attempting to do the job on your own. Many property owners have tried doing it, and the repercussions were hazardous. All trees, including the small tree, have various unforeseen factors that may cause serious injury during the cutting down process. The following are some of these factors:

  • Type of the tree
  • Tree growth angle
  • Amount of internal damage
Special About Tree Removal Tree removal san Jose

You need to get someone who’ll assess all these factors and consider them to ensure the removal process is safe and proper. Tree Removal San Jose CA has certified arborists who’ll start by making a pre-visit to the site and consult with you on creating an agreement concerning the right course of action.

What are the Benefits of Tree Removal Services in San Jose, CA?

cutting tree chainsaw Tree removal san Jose

Tree removal services San Jose comes with numerous advantages. If your trees seem to grow in a hazard manner, consider hiring a tree removal service. Tree removal is the best way to save a tree that poses a potential threat to your home through its wayward growth.

If you’re thinking why you should hire a tree removal service in Dresser, the following are the advantages that come with it:

  • Best for Safety Concerns- Tree removal and pruning keeps your home and entire property safe. Overgrown roots weaken the base of the house. Hiring a tree removal contractor is a good idea.

  • Saves Time and Money- When planning to remove a tree on your own, you need to reconsider this decision. You’ll spend a lot of time, and if you lack adequate tools for the job, the task becomes even more challenging. Hiring experts will save you time and money as the company comes with suitable equipment to make the work easier and fast.
  • Maintenance of Landscape- Pruning or trimming your trees can help repair the appearance of your landscape. By hiring tree removal experts, it’s easy for you to enhance the looks of your outdoors by investing fewer funds and labor. You also safeguard your business and house.

Best Equipment for Maximum Performance- Pruning and trimming trees on your own may subject you to injuries. You don’t have the proper training for the task, and you lack the right equipment as well. Lack of tools and training is disadvantageous for both you and the property. By hiring the right contractor, you save yourself from such injuries and protect both your property and landscape.


Why Choose Tree Removal, San Jose, CA?

By choosing Tree Removal San Jose CA, you enjoy the following benefits, both for you and the property:

  • The tree care company can handle any size of the job, even the smallest task. Its experts can do fine pruning alongside clearing land for the new development of buildings and businesses. With Tree Removal San Jose CA, no project is too large or too small.
  • The company enjoys the combination of highly trained personnel, high-quality equipment, professional customer service, affordable prices, and others, which makes it one of the premier tree service companies in San Jose since 1990.

Contact these professional tree surgeons for the following service options:

  • Tree fertilization
  • Tree trimming
  • Hazard assessment
  • Land and lot clearing
  • Insect control and treatments
  • Brush cleaning and mowing
  • Complete tree removal
  • 24-hour emergency service

Core Advantages for Selecting Tree Removal San Jose CA

The key advantages of selecting Tree Removal San Jose CA include:

  • The perfect equipment for the job to save your time
  • Enhancing safety for the tree owners and their property
  • Guaranteed clean landscape after the job
man uses electric chainsaw cut dead Tree removal san Jose

San Jose California Best Tree Removal Lithia Award 3 Years in a Row!

Due to the top-quality services that Tree Removal San Jose CA offers to the thousands of residents in Castro Valley, it has received the mega award for three consecutive years. It’s the best tree service company in Newark, and most clients inside and outside the region find it reputable. If you need any tree service in San Jose, call to book an appointment.

manual worker removing tree residential area Tree removal san Jose

What Makes Tree Removal San Jose CA a Top-Rated Tree Service Company?

It’s the experience that makes Tree Removal San Jose CA the favorite to every family in San Carlos. Some other factors that make it the top tree care company in Burlingame, California include:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Professional in-class customer service
  • Excellent communication
  • Strict adherence to the industry protocols
  • Modern industrial tools and equipment
  • Seasonally flexible maintenance plans
  • Loyal customer support staff
  • Consistent safety training programs

Our Tree Removal Service Areas in San Jose

While Tree Removal San Jose CA serves clients in San Jose, it also extends its services to the following neighboring towns:

  • Japantown
  • Rose Garden
  • Midtown San Jose
  • Willow Glen
  • Naglee Park
  • Burbank
  • Winchester
  • Alviso
  • East Foothills
  • Alum Rock
  • Communications Hill
  • Little Portugal
  • Blossom Valley
  • Cambrian
  • Almaden Valley
  • Silver Creek Valley
  • Evergreen Valley
  • Edenvale
  • Santa Teresa
  • Seven Trees
  • Coyote Valley
  • Berryessa

Tree Removal San Jose CA has been the industry-leading tree service providing company in San Jose for 30 years. We also boast of offering Arboriculture and Plant Health Care in the cities and the neighboring areas.

Our experts use their long-time knowledge, experience, and skills alongside state-of-the-art technology to save homeowners’ property efficiently and successfully from problematic shrubs and trees.

Our long list of satisfied customers knows they can rely on our services and that our professional team provides tree removal services with expertise. Our company values the following benefits in our service delivery:

  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

Call us today and request a free quote and custom estimate! You can also ask questions concerning the available tree services before getting an estimate.

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